HAPIfork Helps You Eat Slowly & Healthy

Are you eating too fast and can’t seem to be able to stop? Many studies have shown that healthy eating habits don’t have to do only with what you eat, but also with how fast you’re eating. So if you didn’t get enough nagging about how you eat as you were growing up, the HAPIfork is the thing for you!

HAPIfork is an eating utensil designed by HAPILABS and it works by starting to vibrate and lighting up if you take consecutive bites too fast. The vibrating fork was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, where it won an innovation award and garnered widespread media attention.

HAPIfork Helps You Eat Slowly & Healthy

The smart fork allows you to monitor and reduce the speed at which you eat, thus helping you develop healthy eating habits, with positive effects on your digestion and weight loss efforts. The smart utensil monitors the following: the number of fork servings per meal, the duration of each fork serving interval, the exact duration of your meal. For example, you can set the fork to alert you if the time between bites is less than ten seconds. The HAPIfork will vibrate gently in your mouth if you eat faster than that.

The collected information can be then uploaded on your mobile via Bluetooth or to your computer through an USB cable, which is sold together with the fork. By doing this you can view the info later and even share it with your family, friends or nutritionist. Moreover, the one-inch wide utensil is easy to use and can be washed in the sink or dishwasher as a regular fork.

The fork is now up on Kickstarter, where it can be ordered for a $99 pledge. Those who fund the project with $300 will be included in the beta testing project and will receive the HAPIfork as early as possible. It will be first released in three hues: green, blue and pink. HAPILABS is expecting to go into full-scale production in August, so as to be able to deliver the product to its backers in September.

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