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Depending on the kind of smartphone or tablet you have, there’s a good chance you’re already steering clear of the major names in web browsers when surfing the web, whether you’re aware of it or not. Even though names like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are common as dirt for most users, there are several other great choices when it comes to your go-to web browser, and many of them offer protections from malicious software, better functionality, more intuitive interfaces, faster loading speeds, and more. If you enjoy using your mobile device for web connectivity, there’s already a good chance you have a Norwegian company to thank for its development of the Opera web browser.


Some of the most interesting features of Opera include its ability to meet the needs of web users with disabilities and its compatibility with more than sixty different languages. The web is not a single-language, single sensory kind of place, so without this kind of attention to functionality, millions of people can be left out. In the recent update, those crucial factors kept their great designs.

Other great reasons to give Opera a go include its easy-to-remember customizable keyboard shortcuts, which become intuitive sooner than others because you can change them up to your specific needs. Opera also recognizes voice control and screen read-alouds, two of those great accessibility features mentioned above that can be handy for any type of user. High-data users will love the ability to engage proxy support for faster speeds, as well as its extensions and Java support that allow users to embed custom code. A personal favorite feature of mine is the ability to enter one password that accesses all saved passwords, which is especially handy if you’re connecting in a crowded place (like a coffee shop) and don’t want wandering eyes tracking your keystrokes while you work.

To test out Opera beta for yourself, click HERE to download the update from FileHippo, or click HERE to grab the Mac version.

Source : Filehippo.com

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