WinPatrol Update Makes This Threat Remover Even Better

Typical antivirus and antimalware software platforms all work in a pretty similar way. They scan your hard drive and look for any potential threats, then offer to clean out or remove those threats. The problem with this method of protection is that it can take a while, and can slow down or halt your work while they’re running. What’s wrong with that? People don’t do it!


We keep putting it off and putting it off, telling ourselves we’ll scan it the next time we’re sitting around playing the latest iteration of Candy Crush, but then we never get to it. Face it, if you didn’t need your computer all the time (and therefore had ten minutes or so to spare) you probably aren’t using it enough to even worry about malware!


But it’s this behavior right there that leaves our computers vulnerable. So instead of ignoring your antivirus scan, try a threat remover that works differently. Instead of halting everything you’re trying to do by running a system scan, WinPatrol takes snapshots of perceived threats and alerts you to them, meaning it’s running in the background but it won’t stop your work. Even better, it can block certain programs, can show you all the programs your computer is running on the Internet (even without you knowing it), and is effective against some of the nastiest threats bugging users right now.

WinPatrol goes beyond just blocking adware. It alerts users to hijackings, Zero Day threats, and the more typical ideas of malware. And with over 2 million registered users since the program launched in 1997, this one’s been around long enough to make a name for itself and really get to know the protection and privacy industries.

This latest update handles a few key problems, like the fact that one recent version was sending users repeated alerts about the same threat, had a tendency to crash, and now has an enhanced understanding of start-up programs to help make sure you’re not lagging at boot up.

To try WinPatrol for yourself, download it from FileHippo by clicking HERE.

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